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Overzicht van de nieuwsberichten van Stubbe.

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# Halal certificate

This week we received our Halal certificate. This certificate covers our services such as: Tank cleaning, Tank storage, Trans-shipment, Blending and drum/IBC/jerrycan filling. Did you know that next to Halal we are: ISO22000, ISO9001, GMP+, Kosher and SQAS certified and have a AEO – and Excise license ? Questions? => weLees meer >

# Knowlegde sharing with the fire brigade

Yesterday and last week we shared our knowledge of tankcontainers/tanktrailers and dangerous goods with the local voluntairy fire brigade. #StubbeLogistics #Since1936 #Fireservice #Volunteers #Knowledgesharing #Cooperation

#Service sharing: Drum- and IBC heating

Is your product solid in drums or IBC’s and do you need it again in bulk? No problem for Stubbe! We can heat drums and/or IBC’s in our heating chamber before we transfer the productLees meer >


Client called us with the following challenge: We have a batch of 60 drums that misses 10kg per drum. Product is solid @20degrees Celsius. Can you fill up these 60 drums with the missing 10kg?Lees meer >

Uitbreiding dienstenpakket

Naast de reeds aanwezige certificeringen: ISO9001:2015, SQAS, Kosher, AEO en GMP+ B1 en B4 heeft Stubbe zijn managementsysteem uitgebreid met ISO22000 Voedselveiligheid. Op deze wijze kunnen wij, met de steeds strengere eisen vanuit de markt, onzeLees meer >