Stubbe is an expert in the field of liquid products.

Do you have a logistical challenge in the field of filling, temporary storage, tank-storage 200m3, heating, transship, mixing, transport, storage, customs handling or tank and container cleaning, do not hesitate to contact our team.



Filling products in Drums & IBCs, also withdrawing from Drums & IBCs is possible! 

Container / Bulk Storage

Storage loaded tank containers? We are a Customs warehouse for Customs clearance and Excise goods and can store 100 TEU in our liquid-tight depot!


Stubbe heats your products and keeps them at the right temperature 24/7 365 days a year with our advanced steam heating. Hot water heating is also possible!

Transship/ Mixing

Stubbe is an expert in the field of transhipments at 20kg accurately we load different products daily across safely.


News Reports

# Halal certificate

This week we received our Halal certificate.

This certificate covers our services such as: Tank cleaning, Tank storage, Trans-shipment, Blending and drum/IBC/jerrycan filling.

Did you know that next to Halal we are: ISO22000, ISO9001, GMP+, Kosher and SQAS certified and have a AEO – and Excise license ?

Questions? => sales@stubbelogistiek.nl we are happy to help.

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