Stubbe was founded in 1936 by Hendrik Stubbe, transporter in sand and gravel. In the mid-1950s, the company commenced the tank transport of products, including stearine (candle wax) for a candle factory in Gouda. The company began its evolution from transporter to fully-fledged logistics service provider in 1990, following a takeover by Rinus Snel. The tank fleet was renewed and the legacy tanks utilised for temporary storage on customer sites. Filling operations began in 1995.


Stubbe relocated to Edisonstraat in Gouda in 2005, adding heating, cleaning, blending and transhipment to the company’s service range. There followed a period of considerable investment in development including:

  • The renewal of the vehicle fleet.
  • The construction of eight storage tanks (200 m3 per tank).
  • The installation of three heating chambers, which enable the controlled heating of drums and IBCs.
  • The company also opened a 2500 m2 warehouse which facilitates:
    • The filling of highly viscous and heated products;
    • The temporary storage of containers;
    • The refilling of IBCs and drums into bulk.
  • In 2022, the cleanpack system (the beating heart of the tank-cleaning operation) was replaced, to facilitate an increased number of cleaning operations per day.



In 1995, Stubbe also opened a filling plant in Stolwijk.

  • This site became GMP+, ISO22000 and AEO compliant in 2012.
  • Stolwijk features multiple product lines in order to separate product groups and reduce the risk of contamination.

All-round logistics

Stubbe has consequently evolved from a transporter into an all-round logistics service provider with numerous additional operations. Transport currently accounts for only 20 percent of our total business. In order to succeed, Stubbe maintains a cost-effective, financially sound policy, and the organisation responds rapidly to market demands and requirements.