Prior to 1995, transport was Stubbe’s only line of business. From 1995 onwards, the company’s mission evolved from transport company to end-to-end logistics provider, incorporating an extensive range of related services. This enables us to fully unburden our clients in the field of transport & logistics.

The following services form part of our comprehensive range. Further details can be provided for each specific service.

From big to small

Stubbe Logistics fills your drums, IBCs and jerrycans with attention to safety, sustainability and hygiene. Traditionally, Stubbe specialises in filling oleochemical products with high viscosity in a heated state.

Large - larger - largest

Stubbe has eight stainless steel storage tanks with a capacity of 200 m3 each. Each tank has its own piping system for loading and unloading. The storage tanks are also equipped with agitators and external spirals for heating by steam.

Stopover in the supply chain

At the Gouda site, Stubbe has space to store approx. 100 x 20 ft tank containers as a stopover between the various services. The containers are stored in a concrete liquid-repellent drip tray.

From small to big

If a product is not available in bulk, Stubbe can repackage drums and IBCs into a tank container or tank trailer. Stubbe can take care of this process from start to finish: collecting the small packages, repackaging and refilling, sustainable disposal of the empty packages and the transport of bulk to the end customer.

Safe and accurate

Stubbe has extensive experience with the cross pumping of diverse (heated) products. The use of separate pumps, pump types and hoses ensures high quality for each product group.

Clean & Go!

Our ultramodern washer facility with three washing lanes is located in Gouda. Close to the A20 and A12 you can collect your European Cleaning Document (ECD), proof of our high-quality cleaning.

Where it all starts

Transport is the main theme throughout the organisation. This is where it all begins (and where it started).

On time & temperature-controlled

Stubbe can heat products that have solidified at room temperature or are too viscous to be further processed. Tank containers and tank trailers can be heated with steam, hot water or electricity.

What can we do for you?

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