Tank cleaning

Clean & Go!

Our Gouda site has a state-of-the-art, three-lane tank cleaning located close to the A20 and A12 motorways. This tank cleaning facility supplies evidence of our high-quality cleaning process in the form of a European Cleaning Document (ECD).

We also process the resulting wastewater with the environment firmly in mind. We collect the wastewater in our in-house water-treatment unit, where we purify it until it contains less than 20% of the maximum permissible amount of residue. We subsequently dispose of the purified water via the sewage system.

We offer the following cleaning procedures:

  • VdF Procedure
  • Halal Procedure
  • Kosher Procedure
  • Innocent Procedure
  • Indorama Procedure
  • Eckes-Granini / PepsiCo
  • Polymer Industry Cleaning
  • GMP+ cleaning

We can also perform the following measurements:

  • ATP
  • Turbidity measurement
  • PH-value
  • Conductivity measurement

Naturally, we can also design a customised cleaning programme according to the needs of each individual customer.

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